10 Ways to Celebrate National Family Fun Month

10 Ways to Celebrate National Family Fun Month

Summer is almost over but the fun does not have to stop! August is National Family Fun Month and there are many great activities to do with your kids before the end of summer. Here are few suggestions from your friends at My Child’s Dentist in San Antonio.

Backyard movie night: Create your own movie theater by showing your family’s favorite movie right in in you back yard. Serve some popcorn, candy, chips and other snacks.

BBQ: Throw a family BBQ in your backyard or at the local park. No one can say no to great burgers, hotdogs and outdoor fun.

Backyard camping: Pitch some tents and camp in your backyard! Play fun board games and tell spooky stories around your “campfire”.

Lake outing: Hit the lake for some water sports or sun soaking.

Ice-cream party: Invite everyone to make homemade ice-cream right in your own kitchen. Serve different toppings so that everyone can make their ice cream unique to their own taste.

Trip to the zoo: Kids love animals and what better way to let them interact with their furry friends than at the zoo! Take them to the local zoo and capture some lasting memories.

Scavenger hunt: Give your kids a thrill with a list of things they need to find around the house or in your backyard in order to win some prizes.

Host a dance party: Turn your living room into a party zone with your own favorite jams. Dare your children to name some of those oldies you once liked.

Bike riding trip: Rent some bikes and take the entire family for a a ride at the park or along the countryside.

Miniature gold: Everyone likes a round of miniature gold. Take the entire family for a game or two and let the kids have some laughs.

No matter where you live or what your budget is, there is always an activity for every family. Of course the best activity of all, is spending quality time with your loved ones and creating forever lasting memories. And please, remember the importance of dental hygiene and protecting your children’s teeth during outdoor sports activities.

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